Establishedin 1997。In April 2016,the company was officially listed in NEEQ。

Established in 1997, Nanjing Yincheng Property Service Co., Ltd. is a specialized property service company with the qualification of a national first-class property service enterprise, a standing member of China Property Management Association, a co-organizer of China Property Management (a magazine), and a standing member of Nanjing Property Management Association. Now, the company has 5 provincial property management demonstration and excellent projects and 15 municipal property management demonstration and excellent projects. From 2012 to 2015, the company was appraised as one of “the top 50 enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength in property service in Jiangsu Provinces” for four consecutive years.  

Deep rooted in Nanjing, the company has extended its business to Wuxi, Suzhou and Zhenjiang. By April 2017, the management area of the company had exceeded 11 million square meters, including such business types as residence, office buildings, finance & banking, campuses and research institutes, and the company had served more than 90 projects, with more than 2,500 employees and more than 200 thousand customers.  

In the field of traditional property, the company offers all-round professional services, including customer services, safety and order maintenance, public facilities and household maintenance, maintenance of elevators and mechanical parking berths and environmental maintenance and green conservation. In the interface of life service, an innovative system of “elegant living” service, based on basic necessities of life, deep taps customer demands, and life consultants offer one-stop services, community service for the aged, E-repair service, life group-purchase and other services.

Based on the accumulation of professional capacity of 20 years, and its first-rate service quality and customer experience, the company has won a brand and good reputation。 By continuously promoting its innovative capacity, professional capacity and capital operation capacity, Yincheng Property has achieved its strategic transformation from “an enterprise of property service” to “an operator of community service”。  

    • Management area11million ㎡+

    • Service projects90+

    • Employees2500+

    • Customers200thousand+

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