Nanjing Yincheng Room 1000

Established in 2015, YinCheng Qian Wan Jian Apartment Management Co。,Ltd。 is a share-controlled subsidiary of Yincheng Group。 With “professionalism, fashion, minimalism and comfort” as the core of its brand culture, the company is dedicated to offering the operation service of white-collar apartments。 As a brand of emerging Internet long-rent apartments, Yincheng Room 1000 has stood out with its fashionable decoration style, its mode of direct operation without middleman and innovative experience of rent, and has become an enterprise of Internet apartment lease that has been developing the most rapidly in Nanjing。 So far, Yincheng Room 1000 has accumulated nearly 6,000 apartments for rent, and more than 10,000 young tenants have lived a wonderful residential life here。

A series of characteristic services, including middleman-free apartment inspection, free wifi, free cleaning in the public area, free maintenance of home accessories and agency payment of living costs, are high praised by users. At Yincheng Room 1000, you can not only rent an apartment, but also a lifestyle.


more than10000+people

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